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Word Play Models
These are not a Lilliput Lane range but I didn't want you to overlook them so I have placed them in this catagory.

My father would have loved these as he enjoyed plays on words and these small models are plays on words with a visual twist. For those of you loving much to do with the UK these will have terms quite familiar to you. To the uninitiated they will need a google or two to make complete sense but when understood will be seen with the humour intended by their creator.

These are beautifully crafted pieces designed in the UK and produced in the far east; thus the substantial lower cost than our UK made items.

Canary Wharf$18.00
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Canary Wharf

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East of London, on the bank of the Thames River, our feathered group is enjoying the birdbath and pleasant surroundings of the wharf while young Tweetsie shows off his backstroke skills to his older siblings. Keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings from his coiled vantage point is our fluffy kitten Docker, who has a definite interest in the canaries perched on the nearby hawser cleats. Watch the birdies!
Dimensions: Length 4 1/4 inches, Depth 2 1/4 inches, Height 4 3/4 inches  

Chain Mail Box$14.00
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Chain Mail Box

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Sending off an order for a knight's armour replacement? Need to mail out a Ponzi scheme letter to ten (or more) friends or acquaintances with your name at the top? Well then, here is the perfect place to drop off your correspondence. Just look for the SCS milepost and be certain to have the proper postage on each 'dish patch'!

Dimensions: Length 4 inches, Width 3 1/2 inches Height 4 inches  

Dashing Thru the Snow$26.00
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Dashing Thru the Snow

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Around the North Pole, roadside snow banks often get painted with Santa's festive red and green 'dashes'. Elfvis, Santa's ATV driver may have been going too fast around the corner with the result of Santa leaving his mark on the snowman. And, as you can see, Polly Polar Bear has just had her claws given the Clause treatment.

Dimensions: Length 4 1/2 inches, Width 4 1/4 inches, Height 3 1/4 inches  

Horse Drawn Carriage$22.00
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Horse Drawn Carriage

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Our artistic mare, Winifred O'Neigh (Whinney to her friends) is reviewing her latest carriage drawing with Wagon Tale, her faithful canine companion. She has a supply of horsehair brushes available to use when adding color to her creations. When not drawing and painting, Whinney enjoys a bit of relaxation by trotting down to the local stream with her rod and reel to do some 'horsefly fishing'.

Dimensions: Length 4 1/2 inches Width 3 1/4 inches Height 3 inches  

Kew Gardens$18.00
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Kew Gardens

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The skills of our talented gardener Mrs. Kew are on stunning display as she works diligently to insure that her plants and bushes only bloom with her namesake letters of K, E and W. Despite her efforts, a few Q blossoms have stubbornly continued to appear. These rogue bits and pieces must be pruned and disposed of in the bin. Unknown to Mr. Kew, a few of his favorite pool cues have been enlisted in the garden to help keep the small trellis plants under control. Dedication and hard work will keep the garden area functioning to the letter!

Dimensions: Length 4 inches, Depth 2 3/4 inches, Height 2 3/4 inches  

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Sir Knotwhett, our faithful knight, is on guard to insure that access to the bridge is limited to knights and nobles. Common folk with their burdens are forced to ford the stream on foot the best they can. In medieval times, this type of rude behavior was commonplace and many biased actions such as this had to be endured on a daily basis. As the old saying goes, 'Rank has its privileges'. Isn't it comforting to realize that in today's world things have changed for the better?

Dimensions: Length 4 1/2 inches, Depth 3 inches, Height 1 1/2 inches  

Marble Arch$22.00
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Marble Arch

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With the trap door closed and locked, there won't be any interruptions for Nigel and Jeremy as they play the classic children's game. Since there is a school satchel on view, it's hoped that the game is being played either before or after classes. Concentration and accuracy are necessary elements in order to add to a 'shooters' bag of marbles. A player who has paid attention in geometry class would surely have an advantage over his opponent. Let the games begin!

Dimensions: Length 4 1/4 inches, Depth 2 1/2 inches, Height 4 1/2 inches  

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