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Lilliput Lane Cottages A to Z


Bananas Are Back NA$40.00

Bananas Are Back
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L2198 Lilliput Lane Bananas Are Back. art of the Moments in Time Collection
Capture the essence of times past in a magical three dimensional sculpture. The fantastic detail will take you bac to a scene that is unique to a partiuclar moment in time.
5 x 3-3/4 x 4 inches high.  

Kellie Lodging NA$45.00

Kellie Lodging
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L3115 Lilliput Lane Kellie Lodging The Britich COllection Scotland
Pittenweem Fife - Pittenweem is one of the five fishing villages of the East Neuk of Fife, which collectively became known as the five pearls during the reign of James VI of Scotland and 1 of England. Their incredible success and wealth built on the salt and Coal trades, led to them being granted Royal Burgh status. Evidence of Pittenweems trading wealth remains in the form of magnificent townhouses featuring Dutch pantiles with crow-stepped gables for which this region is noted. Built in the sixteenth century as a substantial town house of the Earl of Kelly from the nearby fourteenth-century Kelly Castle, Kelly lodging has royal connections as well. Tradition has it that in 1651 King Charles II passed through on his way to Anstruther and was served a great feast right ioutside this very establishment - which is why it has also been known as Kings Halt by the locals.
3 x 3 x 4 inched long  

The Penny Farthing NA$60.00

Penny Farthing
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L2695 Lilliput Lane The Penny Farthing from the Lamplight VIllage collection
Beaminster Dorset - The once prosperous little market town of Beaminster is situated in the rolling hills of West Dorsets beautiful countryside. Sadly the town has suffered three great fires over the centuries which have resulted in the loss of many of its fine vernacular and 17th century houses. However there are still some fun fine Georgian examples still to be found among the most recent additions. Take this bicycle shop for example. Behind the delightful illuminated double frosted bay windows lies a veritable Aladdinss cave for cycling enthusiasts. Here all manner of bicycles can be found in all shapes and sizes to suit children and adults alike. The penny-farthing bicycle was developed between 1870 and 1878 and remained a popular mode of transport right up until 1892 when the safety bicycle the forerunner of our modern modern bike was introduced
3 -1/4 x 2 -3/4 x 3 inches high (requires 2 AAA batteries to light up the window.)  

Plas Mawr$45.00

Plas Mawr
Click on photo for larger image if available

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LILLIPUT LANE *PLAS MAWR* Situated on Conwy's High Street, PLAS MAWR (Great Hall) is a familiar landmark to visitors to this medieval town and is often hailed as the finest surviving example of the Elizabethan era in Britain today.
Built between 1576 and 1585 for the prosperous Welsh merchant, Robert Wynn, its central position and tall lime-rendered walls bear witness to his great status at the time.
Perhaps its most intriguing feature is the fact that the Hall has 365 windows and 52 steps - the number of days and weeks in a year!  

The Perfect Home NA$32.00

The Perfect Home
Click on photo for larger image if available

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L2962 Lilliput Lane Cottage The Perfect Home
2 x 2 x 2 inches high  

Wray Castle Boathouse$89.50

Wray Castle Boathouse
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Wray Castle Boathouse Special Edition by Lilliput Lane.
Wray Castle is a Victorian neo-gothic building at Claife in the English county of Cumbria. There are four boathouses on the estate. The largest and perhaps most interesting is the double boathouse at Low Wray Bay. It was designed to resemble a pair of mediŠval gates, complete with turrets, arrow slits and buttresses to complement the castle.
3.75 inches long x 3 inches wide x 2.25 inches tall  

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