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Lilliput Lane Christmas and Illuminated Pieces


All I Want For Christmas$150.00

All I Want For Christmas
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L2936 Lilliput Lane Chrsitmas All I Want For Christmas  

Christmas at the Inn 2016$184.00

Christmas at the Inn 2016
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L3775 Christmas at the Inn (ILLUMINATED)
Height: 11.0cm Length: 12.0cm
Our delightful inn has been inspired by The George Inn, Lacock, which dates back to the fourteenth century and has featured in numerous films, including: Cranford, Emma, Harry Potter, Moll Flanders, Pride & Prejudice and even Wolfman.
Illuminated. Create a magical effect using two AA size batteries or a 3-volt adaptor.
This is not a toy or children’s product. Intended for adults only.  

Cockington Forge in Winter$195.00

Cockington Forge in Winter
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Cockington Forge in Winter by Lilliput Lane, model LL3311
It is easy to see why we have chosen to model this picturesque thatched village, as tourists flock in their thousands to admire the charm of an almost lost bygone era Cockington seems to have preserved, in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the nearby seaside town, Torquay.

Listed in the Domesday Book (1086), the unspoilt village of Cockington is now managed by the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust as part of the Cockington Country Park Estate and visitors can enjoy the scenery by horse-drawn carriage rides around the area.

Spoilt for choice, Gary Kerkhoff chose three little gems of architecture to represent the character and charm of Cockington in his study: The Forge, Weaver's Cottage, and The Granary - all of which exhibit vernacular features of the village; such as walls built from local stone rubble, with a smattering of plastered cob too, and steeply pitched thatched roofs. All three are Grade-II-Listed, as is most of the village.

Situated by the crossroads at the heart of the village, Cockington's famous forge, as we see it today, is believed to be late eighteenth, early nineteenth century, with origins dating even further back than that (some would argue to the fourteenth century). It is built of local stone rubble with a distinctive steep thatched roof overhanging the open work area to the front, which is supported by three sturdy posts. The floor is paved with cobbles and our smithy can be seen hard at work on both the winter and summer versions of this superb limited edition.

The pretty pink cottage at the top of the hill in our scene has been inspired by Weaver's Cottage, a charming eighteenth-century dwelling built into the slope. It has an attractive gabled thatched porch, and an irregular arrangement of windows, all of which are different sizes, lending it an informal cosy appearance.

At the bottom of the slope, Gary has placed The Granary, which is believed to have served the local watermill. Today, this has been much restored, but visitors can still see the archway of the original cart entrance which was blocked up during twentieth century renovations to allow for a large shop window. Note the unusually wide hipped roof section with three dormer windows peeping out.  

Holiday on Ice$370.00

Holiday on Ice desc
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L3131 Lilliput Lane Holiday on Ice  

Lilliput Lane Little Donkey at All Saints$170.00

Little Donkey at All Saints
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Lilliput Lane Little Donkey LL3085
2008 Christmas Special Edition, Illuminated
Height: 10.5cm Length: 13.0cm
This unusual thatched church in Brockhampton is hailed as one of the finest examples of ecclesiastical architecture of the Arts & Crafts Movement. Commissioned in 1901 by Alice Madeleine Foster as a memorial to her parents, it was designed by William R Lethaby and consecrated in 1902.  

Oh Come All Ye Faithful$70.00

Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Click on photo for larger image if available

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Height: 9.0cm Length: 8.0cm
3.54 inches by 3.15 inches
Parts of St Blasius Church in Shanklin, Isle of Wight, date back to the twelfth century, whilst the central octagonal spire dates to the mid-nineteenth century. Our version comes complete with a complementary miniature of its unusual lychgate with ornate clock and bell.  

Toy Box Collector$120.00

Toy Box Collector desc
Click on photo for larger image if available

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L2684 Lilliput Lane Cottage Toy Box Collector  

Twice as Nice L3759$70.00

Twice as Nice
Click on photo for larger image if available

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L3759 Twice as Nice 2015 Lilliput Lane Cottage.
West Clandon, Surrey. Situated on Highcotts Lane, just off a busy roundabout, our Twice As Nice has been inspiredby two octagonal cottages linked by a roof over the former driveway, which probably served Clandon Park, suggesting that these were once lodge houses to the estate. Underneath the covering of freshly fallen snow our twin dwellings have neat thatched roofs.  

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