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Emma Bossons

Emma Bossons
In a career that started with Wedgwood, Emma’s work has fast become extraordinarily popular with collectors all over the world. Moorcroft’s youngest designer exploded onto the scene with her Hepatica range, the great Moorcroft success of 2000, and immediately followed this with Queen’s Choice, Moorcroft’s best seller for 2001. For 2002 Emma offers Calla Lily, while her Golden Jubilee design was judged to be of sufficiently high quality for the Queen to consent to the use of the Royal Cypher on the base of each piece in the collection. A string of successful limited editions endorse the phenomenal success of a young designer said by serious commentators to be the Moorcroft Design Studio member carrying the mantel of the art pottery’s founding father, William. For 2002 Emma has designed two limited editions, Spirit of Liberty and Savannah.